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adjective BRITISH

(of goods, especially clothing) made to order.
"a bespoke suit"
The BAS Process


Enjoy the luxury of tailor made suits, trousers or shirts crafted by our experienced tailors. Over 80 hours of workmanship goes into creating each garment to ensure you get the best from fit to finish.

All our Made to Measure products follows a classic Bespoke method of measure, cut, fit, finish and press at our 2 studios in Chennai & Bengaluru.  

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An investment in time

A beautifully tailored garment takes time. Time to get to know you: your physique, your busy life, your tastes and preferences. Time for fittings and for sourcing the best fabrics. Time to get everything just right, so that when you finally put the finished garment on, you never want to take it off.

As our client, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of a team that’s dedicated to achieving that result for you. 

Once we understand your needs, we'll take you through different bespoke styles and fabrics you could choose. 

A wealth of choices

We pride ourselves on our wide range of exclusively hand-picked fabrics. We work with the finest mills around the world. We offer you super fine Wool, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Plaid, Flannel, Tweed and Herringbone from world renowned brands like Ariston, Raymonds, Holland and Sherry, Scabal Linen Club, Dormeuil and Huddersfield and many more.

Conversations about fabrics, linings and other details can be as wide-ranging or as simple as you like. Many clients enjoy making their garments uniquely suited to their lifestyle, with hidden pockets for a cigar, phone, loose change or even an iPad.

Still Life of Tailor's Shop with Tools o
Semi-ready suit on mannequin indoors, cl

From fitting to finish

Once these decisions are made, the fabric panels are handed over to the tailor specialising in your garment. They will roughly stitch the pieces together so that at your first fitting the cutter can see how well the garment is working on you: how it fits, how it hangs, how it moves.

Adjustments are made and a second fitting planned, where the garment will be closer to what you might expect to see. There may be the need for more fittings, but generally we’re then able to take your outfit to the finishing stage. As many as 80 hours are dedicated to each garment.

Clothes & Relationships made to last!

Our service doesn’t end at delivery. We pride ourselves on lasting relationships with our global clientele. We are always available for further pressings and dry cleaning, as well as help with stain removal or further alterations. 

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